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Communications, Information and Publicity Documents


All requests MUST be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the date needed.  This allows for more time to generate  exposure for your event.  It also allows for multiple postings.  There are NO guarantees that a request can be completed without proper notice. 


Committee Made Flyers 

Committees are welcome to make their own flyer.  However, all flyers seen or accessed by the public must be within Brand Style format (see document for details) and must be approved by, first, the Communications Chair and then by the Chapter President. 



All requests and/or committee-made flyers MUST be sent to the Communications Chair ONLY.  Do not copy the President on your request and/or committee-made flyers.  The Communications Chair will copy her once the flyers are  finalized and ready for her approval. 


Chapter-Use-Only Flyers

All flyers made for CHAPTER-USE-ONLY can be made without Brand Style format.  It is recommended, but not required, that the Communications committee proof all CHAPTER-USE-ONLY  flyers.  

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